Photo-voltaic (PV) system is one of the most important applications in solar power generation. The application options of our innovative photo-voltaic modules are unlimited and hence the R&D that goes into making these units is also unmatched. We offer a great variety of solutions for this sector, so no matter how large or small the scale of your project is, we have the right solution for it. Our collaboration with the best international names in the sector has made our photo-voltaic modules superior in all respects. 

At present our product range includes over 20 types of SPV modules and we are evolving faster to provide you with even more advanced modules in the days to come. 
Mono / Multi-crystalline Modules,

Easy Solar Modules use crystalline solar cells. The solar cells are individually characterized and electronically matched prior to their interconnection. Encapsulation beneath imported high transmission tempered glass is a accomplished using an advanced, UV resistant thermosetting plastic, the encapsulant, ethylene vinyl acetate, cushions. The solar cells within the laminate and Protects the cells from etching due to harsh weather conditions. The high strength polymer sheet protects the rear surface from ingrees of moisture and mechanical damage.

Easy Solar Modules are a versatile solution for stand alone power system, home light systems, solar displays, telecommunication and water pumps, due to higher system voltage Easy Solar modules are excellently suited for grid connected solar photo-voltaic implementation.

Features of PV Modules :


  • Wide Range of modules from 3.0 wp to 250 wp

  • Designed to meet IEC, MNRE, UV, RDSO standards.

  • Assembled with high efficiency crystalline silicon cells, laminated between glass and improved power tolerance.

  • All solar cells are redundantly interconnected in series to increase integrity.

  • High efficiency crystalline cells.

  • Sealed weather proof junction box with bypass diodes to minimize power loss

  • Can be designed and produced for customized applications.

  • Low Iron inner textured toughened Glass for high transmittance, better output and safety.

  • Designed with proven materials for reliable and stable operation in outdoor applications.

Technical Specification



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